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How To Fix Error Code 0 Mac OS X?

How To Fix Error Code 0 Mac OS X?

The error is usually occurred in Mac devices when users are trying to make an attempt to copy various files to external hard drives that is formatted as a FAT. FAT32 if we define is a type of Windows file system which reads as well as writes to Mac OS X system. The problem with FAT32 format exists is that they can’t hold bigger amount of file sizes that are larger than 4GB. Users when trying to copy a file bigger than 4GB to a FAT32 formatted drive. They will get trapped in this error code ‘0’. Below is a solution with steps to fix error code 0 Mac OS X in Mac devices.


Solution to troubleshoot Error Code 0 Mac OS X

There is only one solution to this issue where using drives formatted with Mac OS Extended (Journaled) or HFS+ file systems is highly helpful. Well, your Windows PC won’t be able to access either of these file systems without the use of additional software.  A point which needs to be noted is that ensure that if you really wish to work with the drive to be properly accessible by both Mac OS X as well as Windows then, you can format the drive as NTFS mode and then, use an NTFS mounter for your Mac OS X to write to the drive. But, NTFS is not officially supported by Apple and yes, users may come across some issues.

When you are formatting your external storage such as “backup your files before you format your external storage to exfat type”, just follow below steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Application” icon and then, access to the “Utilities” icon as well as the “Disk Utility” icon

Step 2: Now, the next thing is to select an external hard drive or your USB drive and you need to navigate   to the “Erase” tab. Now, select the “ExFAT format type” and click on the “Click Erase Button”

Step 3: Try to copy all of the larger size file to the external hard drive again.


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