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How to Fix iTunes Error 14 With Expert Guide

iOS 10 was launched with a wide variety of advanced amenities that are needed by users to experience its working amenities. I could not stop myself from installing iOS 10 on my iPhone. But, unfortunately, I came across an iOS error 14 while updating to it. It seems like I was not the only one to have encountered this issue but rather other users too experienced the same issue. This issue occurs while downloading and installing the iOS 10, restoring from the backup. It’s quite frustrating to deal with this issue.  We have a few steps to discuss how to fix iTunes error 14 with appropriate steps. Let’s see them now.

iTunes is one of Apple’s most elegant creations to date. It is an application which provides multiple features. Enjoy all the entertainment such as media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster, and mobile device control application. However, issues are familiar with any software. Hence, iTunes is not an exception in that case. Though from time to time, many issues crop up in the application and one such problem that users usually encounter is the Error 14 iTunes.

Users often encounter the error 14 messages during the restoration or upgrading of iOS devices using iTunes. If you are suffering from that iTunes Error 14, you are trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Admittedly, the iPhone is a very costly product, and the panic for the specific problem is understandable. Though, do not worry about anything. All you need is to go through the article, and you will get the perfect solutions instantly.

Why does the iTunes error 14 occur?

The issue typically occurs when users are trying to update or restore their devices via iTunes. It is a disturbing error that users are facing these days. Here we list some of the probable cause for the error which is given below.

  • You are using a damaged USB cable.
  • An error with a firmware upgrade.
  • Lack of storage capacity in your device.
  • Bad network connectivity.
  • Outdated iTunes application in your device.

These are some common reasons for Error 14 iTunes that can trouble you anytime. If you are struggling with any issues with iTunes, you can dial at iTunes support number to get assistance instantly.

Step by step guide to resolve the Error 14 iTunes

Here we got some easy and quick troubleshooting process for the specific issue. Follow through the steps which are given below and solve the problem immediately.

Method-1 Check the USB cables and connectors

Before trying any software-related solutions, you must check all your USB cables whether they are workable or not. Sometimes, the error happens due to the poor connectivity of the network. A faulty connection may also be the reason for the specific error. You can check this with the following steps.

  • You have to use a genuine Apple USB cable.
  • Switch the USB port and work with a different one.
  • Apply the USB cables on another device to see whether it is working or not.

After trying those above steps if the error persists, then you can try out the next procedures.

Method-2 Update iTunes to the Latest Version

Sometimes, and outdated iTunes application can be the reason behind the error 14. So, you need to upgrade your iTunes application with the newest version. You can update it from your system setting or else try to download it from the manufacturer site.

Trying those above methods should resolve your error. But if you are still encountering the error then consult with our iTunes tech support team. Our team of professionals will guide you with the correct solutions instantly.


Troubleshoot iTunes Error 14

Steps to Troubleshoot iTunes Error 14

Step 1: Backup phase

  • To deal with this issue, the very first step is to perform a proper backup process of your device.

Step 2: Cleaning the iOS files

  • Now, users are advised to properly clean out all the files related to iOS 10 using the IPSW file which has been downloaded before restoring all of the personal backup files.
  • After the completion of iOS 10 installation, go ahead for data backup process

I hope all your issues will be resolved by following the above step. If still, the error persists to happen, please proceed to below contact details and get it fixed now.

Call us at iTunes Support Number +1-800-256-0160 to fix all iTunes issues instantly

If you still have doubts about the above processes or you are facing the same errors. Contact our iTunes support team on our iTunes Customer Support Number +1-800-256-0160. Our skilled experts will help you out with any iTunes issues.

And if you are facing any trouble while making the call, drop us a mail along with your problems. Our experts with getting back to you shortly with perfect solutions.

We also provide you with the Live Chat facility for our users. Talk to our experts directly and fix the problem in no time. We are reachable by users 24*7 hours a day to help our customers all day long as and when requested by them. Call us now and get your queries resolved faster.

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