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How To Fix ITunes Error Code 9 On ITunes Restoring IPhone, IPad?

How to Fix iTunes Error Code 9 on iTunes Restoring iPhone, iPad?

If users are an iDevice user, then it is common to face issues with iTunes, and error 9 is one of the trickiest than any other. The error arises when the firmware is updating or if the system restoration is being done by iOS users with the help of iTunes. This error is sometimes associated with a message prompt by displaying a message as “The iPhone could not be restored, an unknown error occurred (9)”. So, it is necessary to Fix iTunes Error Code 9 immediately in order to avoid any critical problem in future. But when the error occurs, users will not be able to perform anything and thus nothing will be accessible by them further.

iTunes Error Code 9

Methods to Fix iTunes Error Code 9 on iTunes Restoring iPhone iPad

Method 1: Check for Any issue with the USB Port as well as Cable

Ensure that there is no loose connection in the cables and are properly connected to the iPhone/iPad. Disconnect all the USB cables from the computer device except the keyboard and the mouse. Now, reconnect the iPhone/iPad device properly. If this do not work out then, change it to a new cable to reconnect the iPhone/iPad to the computer.

Method 2: Check for Any Anti-Virus as well as Firewall issue

  • iTunes needs to be accessed with lots of network servers to easily complete the synchronization as well as upgrading And as a result, people may come under virus attacks in this devices.
  • So, have a proper check on the anti-virus as well as firewall on the computer to ensure the availability of iTunes.
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Method 3: Update the iTunes to its Latest Version

To do this, perform below instructions:

  • Open up the iTunes on the computer and then, click the “Help”
    icon which is located in the menu bar.
  • Check for the “Updates” and then, follow all the instructions carefully to install the latest version of iTunes.
  • Reboot the computer after you are done with the installation process to its latest iTunes version and check whether the error 9 is fixed.

Method 4: Clear up the iPhone/iPad Cookies, Caches as well as Histories

  • If all the junk files are generated by Safari, Browsing or if the Webmail on the iOS devices aren’t regularly cleaned out, then the device will run sluggish and an error 9 iTunes will occur further.
  • To clear up the junk files, just go to the “Settings” icon and then, scroll down to click the “Safari” icon. Choose the “Clear History” icon and Website Data


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