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How To Fix Mac SSL_Error_Bad_Mac_Read Error? Get Solved

How To Fix Mac SSL_Error_Bad_Mac_Read Error? Get Solved

This is an error which occurs due to connection issues to ne1-attach.mail.yahoo.com where the SSL has received a record with incorrect message authentication code. So, Fix Mac SSL_Error_Bad_Mac_Read Error by approaching for an expert guideline at Mac Customer Support Number +1-800-256-0160. Users especially working with Mac Mini version 10.10.1 are on more risk of getting this error code.  Below we have solutions to help users get rid of the problem faster and yes they are also easy to understand.

Solutions to Fix Mac SSL_Error_Bad_Mac_Read Error

Fix Mac ssl_error_bad_mac_read Error

Solution 1: This is the first solution chosen by users to fix the issue

This is the specific error code which is found in rare case in forum threads. So, disabling the Firefox from using IPv6 is suggested by Mac Customer Service team.  The next thing is to check for a proxy setting in the options dialog 3-bar menu button. Now, navigate to the “Tools” menu and then, click to choose  “options” icon. Tap the “Advanced” icon and then, click on “Network mini-tab”. Choose the “Settings” button and try to tap on “No Proxy” icon

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Solution 2: This will the second solution where users need to fix a flaky internet connection

  • Removing some of your extensions that are not needed by you is suggested
  • Secondly there are many website issues where cookies are at greater risk which leads to this error code. Sp, clear out the cache and remove all cookies. This process will ask users to log out of the website and get logged in again.
  • The next thing is to type the “about:preferences” icon and press the “Enter” icon in the address bar.
  • Now, select “Cookies” icon and then, choose the “Privacy” option. Under the “History” icon, just select “Firefox” and choose “Custom Settings” icon. Press the button which will be on the right side area known as “show cookies”. Work with the search bar to easily look for the particular site. Users may find more than one entry but they need to remove all of them.
  • Choose the “Advanced” network icon and search for cached web content. Also, just press the “Clear Now” button.

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We are available for customers 24 hours to assist them with all types of solutions available with us. Call us at Mac Customer Service +1-800-256-0160 for immediate replies to every query arising within the device. Customers are promised to deliver the best-in-class solutions at their desk. Connect with us anytime and get your problems fixed up.

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