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How To Fix MacBook Air Won’t Turn On But It’s Charging Issues?

How To Fix MacBook Air Won’t Turn On But It’s Charging Issues?

The problem may be due to various reasons such as reset issues, the issue may also be in the PRAM sector and yes power adapter issues are also one of the causes. Fix MacBook Air won’t turn on but it’s charging issues with our expert guidelines. When users will plug in their MacBook Air into the power adapter and power it on then, no action will take place. It will respond to a power adapter which means that light is in on mode and will change from green to orange pattern. But yes it will never turn on. We have various solutions below to help overcome this problem easily.

Solutions to fix Mac Book Air won’t turn on but it’s charging issues are:

Mac Book Air won’t turn on but it’s charging issues

Solution 1: Keep your Mac Book Air lid in a bit open mode and have a firm grip on it. Shake it well. Now, press the start/power button to set off the “Sudden motion sensor” icon. Now, have a check on whether the issue is there or not?

Start/Power Button

Solution 2: To fix Mac Book Air won’t turn on but it’s charging issues. Go for the SMC reset which is the second solution for it. Press and hold ‘Shift + Control+ Option+ Power’ buttons and release these keys at the same time. Switch on the Mac device now. Check for this issue further.

fix Mac Book Air Won’t Turn On But It’s Charging Issues

Solution 3:- If any of the Mac Book Air is working on safety cases then, ensure that the Mac Book Air is out of the case and try again.

Solution 4: This is another solution that will take the bottom off and switch on the device. If the fan kind of twitching is there on the screen then, try to stick your finger inside it and give the fan a bit of a flick. If everything is normal, check for the issue whether it is still there or not?

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Solution 5: As per as Mac Book Support technicians, try to reset the PRAM. This method will easily solve out most of the MacBook Air’s problem

Solution 6: If you are not satisfied with the above solutions then, press the Power button and try to attach your mobile via a data cable. Check if the device is in charge mode then, probably the problem is no more.

Solution 7: If users can’t switch on their Mac Book Air but the charging indicator is there then, check for your device warranty status. If the cover is under warranty, take it to an appropriate repairing center.

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These are the probable ways to solve the ‘MacBook Air won’t turn on but it’s charging’ issue. Hopefully, one of the above ways will help you to fix the issue. If you want to read more about similar topics, you can follow our posts regularly.

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