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How To Fix MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On Issue?

MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On problems aside, there are a wide number of reasons why your MacBook device does not switch on. Reasons are due to corrupted caches problems, critical system file issues from the boot sector and incompatible login item issues. Fix MacBook Pro won’t turn on issue with our expert guidelines available at our end. Other reasons such as boot device issues, broken hard disk permission problems and problems in user accounts are the main culprit. Well, if your Mac does not switch on, you can fix the problem with solutions that are below. But before we move ahead, have a check whether the Mac is plugged in or not.

MacBook Pro Won't Turn On

Solutions to fix MacBook Pro won’t turn on issue :

Solution 1: Reset the System Management Controller

To fix Mac Book Pro won’t turn on issue, check for issues in System Management Controller and reset the SMC to resolve this:

     1.Check whether you can remove MacBook’s battery:

  • To do this, shut down the Mac system and plug it in the power cord to press “Shift-Control-Option” icon. Tap on “Power button” now.
  • Hold the keys for at-least about 10 seconds and release them
  • Press your “Power button” to start the system in normal mode

      2. If you have a Mac with removable battery:

  • Remove the battery from your device and press “power button” for at-least 5 seconds
  • As per as MacBook Support team, insert the battery again and press its Power button to continue next

       3. If users are working on a desktop Mac Pro:

  • Unplug your power cable and wait for 15 seconds
  • Plug in the cable and then, wait for at-least 5 more seconds. Press the “power button” again

Solution 2: If the first solution did not work then, go for power cycle

Apply this second solution to fix MacBook Pro Error Codes Messages. Here one needs to reboot the device in a special mode, known as “special power cycle”. To do this follow below instructions:

  • Unplug the device power cable and hold the Power button for at-least 10 seconds
  • Now, connect to the power cable but ensure that you do not release the Power button
  • Wait for 10 seconds more and hold it.
  • Start the Mac device in its normal way.

Fix MacBook Pro won’t turn on issue by Mac Toll-Free +1-800-256-0160

MacBook Pro Support

For more such queries, connect with our experts and resolve issues with a suitable solution that arise in your Mac book device. Our team is available at MacBook Pro Support 24/7 hours to assist customers deal with various problems that arise within it. Come and solve problems with our expert guidelines.

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