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How To Fix One AirPod Not Working [8 Solutions]

How to fix one AirPod not working [8 Solutions]

One AirPod might not work due to several reasons. For example, dirt and even ear wax might clog the headphone and block the sound. In case you have not properly adjusted the sound settings then also you may find that the One Airpod is not working. 

If the AirPods are not charged properly, then also you might need to deal with this glitch. It is really annoying if the AirPods are only playing in one ear. Fortunately, using the fixes given here you can easily overcome the situation.

How to Fix One AirPod Not Working 

Take a look below to learn the fixes which can help you fix the issue within a flicker of time. Follow them one by one down the list till the issue resolves.

Solution 1: Check the AirPods

Check the AirPods

The first thing that you need to do is to check the AirPods and ensure that they are clean. In case you see any dirt on the earbuds, simply take a dry cloth and wipe it away. 

Once done,  check whether can you hear sound on both the Airpods or not. If not, don’t worry, follow the next fix.

Solution 2: Ensure that the AirPods are Charged

To perform the task, simply put both the AirPods back within the case and charge them again. Besides that, make sure that the case has got sufficient charge. Next, check if this solution fixes the issue or not.

Solution 3: Pair the AirPods Again

Here what you have to do is to re-pair the AirPods with the Apple device. If this does not work for you the first time, you might have to repeat the trick for 3 or 4 times.

Pair the AirPods Again

So, first, go to the Settings section of your Apple device. Under Settings, scroll down and select the Bluetooth option. Afterward, tap on the ‘I’ icon. Next, click on the ‘Forget this device’ button.

Thereafter, open up the AirPods and click on the Connect tab option. Now, follow the onscreen instructions.

However, whenever you are trying to reconnect the Airpods to the device, you have to press and hold the Bluetooth button until you see the light flashes amber for 2 to 3 times.

Solution 4: Check the Stereo Balance

Check the Stereo Balance

If the above three solutions are unable to fix the AirPod problem, then, you are advised to adjust the stereo balance on your Apple device.

If you use an iPhone,

At first, go to Settings. Under Settings, scroll down and click on the General tab. After that, select the Accessibility option. On the next page, you need to make sure the slider is midway between L and R.

Also, you should switch the Mono Audio toggle into the off state. Apart from this, adjust the audio volume balance between the left and right channels.

Here is how to Adjust the Stereo Balance on a Mac device

In the beginning, go to System Preference. After that, click on the Sound option. Next, tap on Output. From the Sound Output menu, choose your headphones.

Make sure that the slider is placed midway between Left and Right. Again, navigate to the System Preference and select the Accessibility option.

Go to Audio and unmark the box next to the Mono Audio option.

Solution 5: Disconnect and Restart

If you are using old-fashioned iPhone headphones, then sometimes disconnecting the headphones and restarting your device, can bring the required result for you.

However, while reconnecting, ensure that the headphone jack is well inserted within the port on your device. In case you are an Apple AirPod user, you need to perform some extra steps:

  1. At first, open the Bluetooth menu. After that, choose the ‘Forget the Apple AirPods’ option.
  2. Next, place the AirPods to the charging case. However, keep the lid open.
  3. Afterward, press and hold the reset button located at the back of the case for 15 to 20 seconds.

Now, the AirPods will reset. Reboot your Apple device and check whether the AirPods are working normally or not. 

Solution 6: Press the Home Button for 1 Minute

Millions of users reported that pressing the Home button located at the back of the AirPod fixed the problem for them.

Press the Home Button for 1 Minute

So, you are strongly advised to press and hold the Home button for at least 1 to 1.5 minutes and then reconnect the AirPods and check the status of the problem.

Solution 7: Try Another Pair

In case you find the AirPods are only playing on one ear, then it is highly recommended testing another pair of AirPods. If they work normally, then, it simply means there is nothing wrong with your device.

In such a scenario, simply purchase a new set of AirPods.

Solution 8:  Restart your Device

In case none of the above solutions work, then it is highly recommended to restart your device as sometimes the device itself might be creating the issue.

Now, if you use iPhone 8 or older, then simultaneously press the Power button and the Home button until the Apple logo appears on the LED display.

Users with iPhone X or newer versions should first press the Volume down button for 1 second. Thereafter, press the Volume up button for 1 second. Furthermore, press and hold the power button until the appearance of the Apple logo.

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