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Fix Printing Issues with Mac OS X? Get Quick Help

Printers connected with Apple MacBook facing technical problem need to be fixed while considering the Mac OS X compatibly and functionality. Printing issue if not fixed properly you can face several other problems affecting the overall performance of your Mac machine. Below find the right troubleshooting process to resolve printing issues of Mac OS X.


Check Printer Network Connection

It is very common among printer users, hence before you proceed towards next step check the connection of your printer. Check the cable plugged with power supply, and USB cable with your MacBook. For wireless printers check whether printer is showing on network or not, if not, then get apple MacBook support to configure rightly.

Stop Printing and Restart Again

When your MacBook show any issue while printing a document, open the printer dock and check if any paper in queue or if your printer is stopped, press resume to restart the printing. If already print is in a queue, then cancel the printing task and give print again. However, if it doesn’t help, you can try going next troubleshooting step.

Update Software and Printer Driver

Printing issues with Mac OS also arrives when printer driver in your system is not updated. Check latest update available for your printer and make sure to update with latest one. Go to system preferences to check the printer & scanner option to find the driver version. And get Mac OS X technical support to update driver skillfully.

Remove and Add Again Your Printer

Sometimes removing printer and adding again helps to solve printing related issues. Remove the older one and add the new printer but make sure your printer is connected with internet and shared over the network with right configuration. MacBook Pro users can try MacBook pro support for adding or removing printer from their system.

Use Other Device to Print the Document

If all above efforts not worked, you can try to print from other devices or applications. TextEdit is another application that allows getting out prints through the printer. You can connect other computer or compatible device to check the error. If problem continues, you can take help of printer specialist that can troubleshoot the actual problem.

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