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How To Fix Mac Error Text ‘Your Message Could Not Be Sent’?

How To Fix Mac Error Text ‘Your message could not be sent’?

This is due to users are failing to send messages because i Cloud or i Message is down which results in difficult to sync issue. When this happens, users cannot adjust anything. So, Fix Mac Error Text ‘Your message could not be sent’ by approaching a professional help.

Steps to Fix Mac Error Text ‘Your message could not be sent’ are:

Fix Mac Error Text Your message could not be sent

Step 1: Check for i Message & i Cloud Settings here

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  • Check the “i Cloud” system preference panel to ensure that i Cloud and Messages are active state of work mode and logged in as expected.
  • To fix Mac Error Text “Your message could not be sent, navigate to the Messages app and try to pull down the “Messages” window. Choose ‘Preferences’ icon and ensure that account settings are configured well as expected.

Step 2: Press “Ignore” Solution repeatedly

  • The solution in this case is that users need to press “ignore” solution repeatedly to ignore the dialog window. As per Mac support service technicians, it will reappear for the total number of messages which will sync with another iOS device. It will be by using the same Apple ID.

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Mac Customer Support

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