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How to Fix iPhone 6, 6+ Restore Error 53 in iTunes?

As explained by experts, the iPhone 6 Error 53 is a type of information which appears due to fail in the security test process while the update process and restore of the iPhone is being done. One of the security components to easily pass the security test is to work with the touch ID home button. If it has ever changed the touch ID home button by an unauthorized technician, then the error will certainly appear.

What is iPhone 6 error 53?

Being one of the most popular smartphones around the globe, yet iPhone fetches critical technical errors from time to time. The fact is iPhone comes with a list of terrible errors. Users encounter the problem whenever they restore or update in iTunes. The most reasonable cause for the iPhone 6 Error 53 in iTunes is because of the replacement of Touch ID or Home button with an uncategorized touch ID.

As it is a hardware issue, users invest much to replace it or go to the service center to get it fixed. You can connect to our tech experts by dialing at iPhone tech support number and we will get back to you with an instant solution at an affordable rate.

This means that it is sending a warning to users that it is addressed to the manufacturers, instead of users. A type of test which is designed to check whether the Touch ID is functioning properly before the device leaves the factory or not and was not intended to affect customers anyway. Follow below steps to fix error 53 explained by technicians with an appropriate solution.


Easy solutions for  iPhone 6 Error 53 In iTunes

Here we have easy and quick solutions for the specific issue. Follow the steps which are given below and resolve the problem instantly.

Step 1: Changing USB port or cable

You can troubleshoot the issue by replacing the USB cable. Keep in mind that you should use the original accessory otherwise, you may face more trouble with your device.

Step 2: Replace the cable connecting your Touch ID

Here, you are required to have some knowledge of mobile technician. It is a straightforward method, and anyone can do the process by following the steps carefully.

First of all, disassemble your device and locate the Touch ID. Here you can see a cable that is connected to the touch ID. Now gently remove the touch ID and make sure that a wrong step can damage your flex cable. Next, you can remove the home button. After removing, replace the home button with the new one and reassemble the device.

After trying those simple steps, you might get rid of this iPhone 6 error 53. But if you still get trouble with the same error then contact our iPhone tech support team. They will give you the proper assistance instantly.

iPhone Support Phone Number

Steps to Troubleshoot iPhone 6,6+ Restore Error 53 in iTunes

Here are few easy steps given by our team to easily overcome the iPhone Error 53

  • If iTunes is opened on the Mac or any other PC, then quit the iTunes immediately.
  • Well, it is recommended that if the iOS device is plugged into your computer then, unplug it.
  • Make sure that iTunes has all its required latest software version.
  • Connect the iOS device to your computer with the help of USB cable carefully.
  • Now open the iTunes and then, select the type of device which you wish to work with.
  • When an option is visible in the iTunes to “Restore or even update”, just click on the “Restore” icon.
  • iOS device will show you a message as ‘Hello screen’. Users are recommended to follow all the given on-screen instructions to set up their device. If previously users have backed up the device, then, they can set up from their backup easily. When a screen for Touch ID is visible, tap the ‘Set up Touch ID” later.
  • If the Touch ID on the device didn’t work then, the feature still won’t work the restore process of the device is done.

 Call us at iPhone Support Number to Fix all Related Issues by iPhone Technicians

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