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How to Protect Your Mac from Hacking? Step By Step Guides

Hacking Mac is not easy for the hackers due to complex level of inbuilt security features integrated inside the Mac OS X operating to safeguard systems from risky cyber threats.

Though, lots of antivirus software also provides complete protection from hacking risk, but if you don’t want to use the same, you can configure few settings given below about How to Protect Your Mac from Hacking and enable few services into your Mac, you can avoid risk of hacking.

Lock Home Folder Permission User

To restrict the access of home folder in your MacBook you have to secure it. To do that, change the settings that will limit the folder access that can have important files or private data. If you don’t know how to enable permission of home folder, the best way is take help Apple technical support phone number where online technician will help you.

Close Down the Services Not in Use

If you are not using any application or service, then disable the same as they use your account details and other important data. You can close down Bluetooth, W-Fi and Emailing services that may access your personal details putting your system at risk. Under the system library option you can check other services run at backend.

Secure Booting by Setting Password to Firmware

Secure the booting process of your Mac, that can be compromised any unauthorized user. With the help of MacBook air support +1-800-256-0160 you can set a password that will help you to restrict from illegal access to secure settings of your MacBook Air.

Enable Both Firewall for Two-sided Protection

MacBook computers have feature of two-way firewall protection that help to stop malicious file from entering into your MacBook device. Activating both firewalls allows controlling of outgoing and receiving connections for secure web surfing. Firewall protection is one of the best ways to keep your device protected from outside threats.

Do Little Changes in Safari for Safe Browsing

Safari is the browser especially developed for Mac users and you should change few settings into your safari browser. In safari by default every file is open automatically that increase the risk of malware infection into your system. Hence, change the setting to not open the downloaded file itself and ask before saving in your Mac. You should also use private browsing for safe surfing. To change settings and customize browsing in your Safari browser you can get Mac OS X Support +1-800-256-0160 for quick online help at your desk.

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