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Struggling With How To Screenshot On Mac – Know How To Fix It

A screenshot is also known as a screen grab that is a highly convenient process to imply your Mac operating system’s current display in front of other people. Well, this is extremely beneficial to troubleshoot any error that may pop up at the instant when you think of taking a How To Screenshot On Mac. You lack proper knowledge as to what went wrong. So keep aside all your ‘how to screenshot on Mac’ fears and read this article to know all the ways to eradicate the glitches. Unlike Windows personal computers, Mac operating systems do not have a PrintScreen key but yes, there are various methods to proceed ahead with this task.

MacBook Air Support

The screenshot is an image of your display screen. If you are one among those people who are using Mac and is wondering how to take a screenshot without the “Print Screen key” then, here we will show you how to do it. However, this task is not that tough to handle by yourself. Below, are easy methods on How To Screenshot On Mac which is effective to apply. No matter whether you’ve updated to Mojave or is running High Sierra, you can apply these methods without any issue.

Methods To Take Screenshots On Mac

Method 1: Capture The Entire Screen

  • Click on the onscreen controls and you will see that the pointer has changed to a camera.
  • Tap on any screen to capture a specific screen. However, as an alternate option, you can also click ‘Capture’ button that is there in the onscreen controls.
  • Now, you must use a thumbnail to easily markup, share, save, or simply take another action.

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Method 2: Capturing A Window

  • Tap on the screen controls and you will see that the pointer has changed into a camera
  • Now, tap window to easily capture that specific window.
  • However, if you wish to exclude the window’s shadow from the screenshot then, don’t forget to press and hold the “⌥’ key.
  • Work with the thumbnail so that you can easily markup, share, save, or just take another action.

Method 3: Capturing A Selected Screen Portion

  • The first step here is to tap the onscreen controls
  • Now, drag to select a portion of a screen area to capture. Well, if you want to move the entire selection, you must drag within the selection.
  • Now, click “Capture” icon in the onscreen controls
  • Work with the thumbnail to markup, share, and save

So, these were few methods above which has been explained to clear all the concepts of How To Screenshot On Mac and are quite easy for everyone to apply.

How You Will Take And Save MAC Screenshots?

So, what happens when you have taken a  screenshot? Assuming that you have sent it in the clipboard, your device will time stamp the screenshot before you save it as a PNG format. This is one of the best and a handy references. However, if you are working with infinite screenshots then, that may be a bit difficult. But yes, you can surely make modifications.         

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