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Resolve MacBook Air Won’t Turn On Problem At Your Fingertips

Macbook notebook is famous for its technological advancement and easy installation process. Besides this incredible functionalities, some of the typical drawbacks create complexity for Mac users. Therefore, as a regular MacBook user, you can encounter MacBook Air Won’t Turn On like critical problems. However, this article will be beneficial to resolve the Macbook turn off issue efficiently.

MacBook Air Won't Turn On

MacBook Air Won’t Turn On-Possible Reasons

Multiple issues are responsible for creating the MacBook Air like a problem. We have discussed a few of them which shall help you to identify the resource accurately.

Display Issues

While you turn on your Macbook, you can see that the display is showing the Apple logo on the screen. But, after a few minutes, you may notice that you won’t be able to navigate the mouse pointer. Moreover, you won’t get the drive noise as well, and the LED Sleep indicator remains turned off. So, those symptoms indicate that the display is not working correctly. All those problems happen due to the startup errors.

Power Issues

If your System doesn’t get a proper power signal, then it won’t be able to run securely. The power cord problem and the adapter issues are the most significant issues behind the Macbook malfunction. On the other hand, the damaged AC adapter is another problem in creating a secure connection. Sometimes, a difficulty with the MacBook battery creates the power problem.

Other Issues

The internal issues like the System management problems, difficulty with the System files are responsible factors in MacBook Air won’t turn on. Besides this, the corrupted disk, memory blocks are another problem in Macbook.

Remove Macbook Turn On Issue With A Few Steps

There are several steps to remove the MacBook Air problems and fix the possible issues permanently. We have discussed a few of them that will help you to remove “MacBook Air Won’t Turn On” issues quickly.

Reboot In Safe Mode

Disconnect all the peripheral devices connected to your Macbook first. Now, reboot the System successfully. Press the Shift Key and currently hold the key immediately after appearing the Apple logo on the screen.

Then, release the “Shift” key after hearing the Apple Startup sound. Finally, you can see the Safe Boot appears on the Mac OS startup screen. It will assure you that you have restarted your Mac device in Safe mode. It will recover the “MacBook Air Won’t Turn On” problem efficiently.

Perform Power Cycle

To perform the Power Cycle process, you have to reboot your MacBook in a Special mode. Therefore, you may follow the steps below.

First, unplug the power cable and hold down the Power button for 5-10seconds. Now, by continuously holding the Power button, connect the power cable. You have to wait more than 10 seconds. Finally, release the button and start your MacBook in the normal mode. This process is another essential step to resolve the MacBook won’t turn issue.

Reset SMC

A fault in the System Management Controller is responsible for Macbook won’t load problem. So, you have to follow the steps below.

First, turn off the Mac and plug the power chord. After that, press shift+ control from the keyboard and press the Power button. Now, hold the keys simultaneously for 10 seconds. Finally, release the keys and press the Power button to restart your Mac.

If you go through this process, we hope you will resolve the problem technically.

Restart Mac in Recovery Mode

First, set the Mac using the Time machine. Now, reinstall OS with the latest version. After that, use the Disk Utility to recover the drive. Finally, you have to restart the Mac system. After that, hold down the Command and R keys until the Apple logo appears in the Mac window screen. Then, the Mac will show the Recovery Utility window. Finally, ensure strong internet connection and check whether it is workable or not.

If you still face MacBook Air Won’t Turn On the issue at the time of accessing your device, don’t hesitate to connect with us for a technical fix.

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Dial MacBook Air Customer Support Number +1-800-256-0160 for Instant Help

MacBook Air Support Number

Our professional team is experienced enough to resolve the MacBook Air issues efficiently. Moreover, you can avail our affordable service at 24*7. So, we hope you will feel free to connect with us if you face ‘MacBook Air won’t turn on’ issue.

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