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How To Unlock ICloud Lock On IPad?

How To Unlock iCloud Lock On iPad?

If you have purchased the second hand iPad then, perhaps you bought it from a friend or from any online shopping apps. But here you get your device completely unlocked. Without worrying much here are ways to unlock iCloud lock on iPad.  As per as experts are concerned remove the iCloud lock and then, bypass i Cloud lock from the iPad if you are not able to know the password of apple store.

Steps to unlock iCloud lock on iPad are:

Unlock iCloud Lock On iPad

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Step 1: Work with the iPhone and tap on “Activate iPhone” screen. Now, press the home button and tap on “Wi-Fi” settings. Now the next thing is to click on “Wi-Fi” symbol and click on “i” button. Now you need to change the existing DNS settings and to do this, one needs to type following IP address according to the country

Step 2: To unlock iCloud lock on iPad, click on “Back” button and tap “Done” icon. Users need to click “Activation help” button. Once done, you will come across a message which will say that “You have successfully connected to my server”. If you tap on the menu, you will be able to access different iCloud services such as iCloud Locked User Chat, Mail, Social, Maps, Video, YouTube, Audia and games, among others.

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